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The International Journal on Integrated Information Management (IJIIM) is an international, peer-reviewed journal which aims to bring its readers the very best analysis and discussion in the developing and interdisciplinary field of the field of information management and integration. It covers a wide field and we encourage submissions from diverse areas of practice and settings including culture, business, health, education and government.


Information is critical for the survival and growth of organisations and people. The challenge for Information management is now less about managing activities that collect, store and disseminate information. Rather, there is greater focus on managing activities that make changes in patterns of behaviour of users and organizations and also on information that leads to changes in the way people use information to engage in knowledge focused activities.


IJIIM is organized, managed and maintained by an international team of scientists, with different background. Being a not-for-profit/non-commercial project, it is freely accessible and users are able to search and access full text documents. Researchers approaching Information Management from different starting points and any professional involved in the field are invited to submit their own articles. 



ISSN: 2241-827X

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